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National Foresight Report on Long-term Climate and Energy Policy
Description/achievement of initiative

The Government adopted in October 2009 the Foresight Report on Long-term Climate and Energy Policy (Towards a thriving low-carbon Finland). Setting a target to reduce Finland's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent from the 1990 level by 2050 as part of an international effort, the report marks out the road to a low-carbon Finland in 2050.
Source: Finnish Government

In practice, the achievement of emission reductions in Finland requires virtually zero-emission energy and road transport sectors in the long term. The report puts forward a number of specific policy lines covering targets, actions and areas requiring further study. For example, the energy standards for new buildings will be revised in order to improve energy efficiency, and efficiency improvements will be required in renovations of existing buildings. Ecological tax reform will be continued, and information concerning the climate impacts of choices in everyday life will be made easily available to citizens. Four example scenarios, marking out and illustrating possible paths towards a low-carbon society, were commissioned from consultants for the purpose of the foresight report. The work on the scenarios indicates that the shift to a low-carbon society requires a marked improvement in energy efficiency in all sectors. Similarly, in all cases there is a need for the development, deployment and diffusion of low-carbon technology, and the use of renewable energy needs to be increased significantly.

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