Sustainability Dashboard
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It's an on-line panel that allows individual and comparative evaluations between sustainable organizations.
Source: Laboratory of Applied Information Technology (LTIA)
This application was developed by the Laboratory of Applied Information Technology, located in the State University of São Paulo (UNESP), sponsored by Microsoft Brazil, in the first semester of 2012. This Organizations Responsibility Index is a Sustainability Dashboard indicated for organizations (public and private companies, hospitals, universities, etc.) that have a negative impact in the environment and want to participate and learn how they can reduce this impact. Initially, it offers an assessment tool, a general survey that can be answered by all types of organizations. They will self-assess to complete the survey and then they can compare their results with other organizations, through ranking results. The participating organizations will be listed publicly. With the results, it will be possible to develop general statistical studies. It is a generic instrument based on three dimensions: Environmental, Social and Economic. Each seeks to assess the impacts inside and outside the Organization. It is a qualitative assessment based on the perception of Organizations, without the collection of private information or any external validation of the data provided. The Panel presents a set of measures that need to be adopted by these organizations to minimize their impact on the Environment. They can also use the tool to build their own surveys and monitor the results of their sustainability strategies over time. With this application, the objective is to encourage the organizations to monitor and reduce their impact on the environment.

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