Greenhouse gas emissions inventory: First experiences
Description/achievement of initiative

A greenhouse gas inventory serves as a tool to quantify and weigh greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The Municipality of Montevideo prepared and presented the results of their first greenhouse gas emissions inventory in June 2010.
Source: The ICLEI Case Study series

Natural greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere have a stabilizing effect on the earth's temperature. However, an increased amount of these gases in the atmosphere, primarily from human activity, is changing the natural balance of the earth's climate and results in global warming. Despite climate change being a global problem, solutions are available at the local level. A local GHG inventory can provide the basis for forecasting emission levels and developing climate
change policies with the purpose of reducing anthropogenic GHG emissions.

Montevideo's first GHG emissions inventory identified and measured the sources and trends in emissions within the city. It uses 2006 as the base reference year. The inventory illustrates that local governments are important and can act as key
drivers for sustainable public policies.

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