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Sustainable Sydney 2030
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Sydney 2030 is a sustainable urban development plan intended to change the way we live, work and play in the city; now and into the future. The plan focuses on making Sydney a place where the environment matters and the economy thrives, where art and culture are encouraged and supported and a place where people feel at home and connected to the local community and the rest of the world.

Source: Shanghai Manual: A Guide for Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century (2010)
"In March of 2008, the City of Sydney Council released their Sustainable Sydney 2030 development plan that outlined the city's commitment to sustainable development. Collaborating with major stakeholders as well as the general public, the city determined that sustainable development could not only improve and reduce the city's environmental impact, but it would also stimulate economic growth and job creation, as well as promoting social equity and improving public health as well.

The plan includes three sections: Green,Global and Connected.

The Green part of the vision states that: Sydney will be internationally recognized as an environmental leader with outstanding environmental performance and new green industries driving economic growth. The Green vision also states the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the region's urban footprint and protecting native ecologies.

The Global part of the Sydney vision begins with: Sydney will remain Australia's most significant Global City and international gateway with world-class tourism attractions and sustained investment in cultural infrastructure, icons and amenities. This section then describes the need to accommodate business activities connected to high quality jobs while supporting the quality of life needed to attract and maintain innovation.

The final vision section, Connected, adds: Sydney will be easy to get around with a local network for walking and cycling, and transit routes for connecting the City's villages, City Centre and the rest of Inner Sydney. The Connected section of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision affirms that the City's neighborhoods shall be strong focal points, and that the city will be diverse and inclusive, celebrating and supporting its indigenous people. The section concludes with a description of how the city will commit to partnerships and cooperation between government, the private sector and the community, as well with other Australian and international cities for cultural, trade and other exchanges

The Sustainable development plan also outlined many tangible and quantifiable goals for the city to achieve by 2030 as well as a framework for implementing policies that will ultimately achieve these goals.

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