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The University of Exeter's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2010-2015 are translated into yearly measurable targets. The targets are reported on and results are accessible on the website.

The University of Exeter’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2010-2015 has the following major aims:

Aim 1: To enhance the student experience by providing a physical environment that fosters

informal learning for sustainability (supporting sustainable lifestyles and offering sustainability related volunteering and study opportunities), taking advantage of our ecologically rich and aesthetically beautiful physical environment.

Aim 2: To enhance graduate employability in relation to the skills that businesses,organisations and individuals need in order to respond to the global sustainability challenges,and to take advantage of the emerging international green economy.

Aim 3: To provide all students with access to education for and about sustainability

Aim 4: To raise awareness and communicate research which is related to environmental

sustainability and to ensure that our operations are informed by this research where possible.

Aim 5: We shall create opportunities where students, staff and alumni can develop and share their knowledge, skills and experience to engage with and contribute effectively to tackling global challenges.

Aim 6: To reduce the environmental impact of our operational activities and make a positive

contribution to the local environment, through the management of our estate.

Aim 7: To ensure that the aims, objectives and targets contained within this strategy are delivered to the highest standards and in a transparent and verifiable manner.

The strategy sets out how to implement these aims and they are translated into yearly measurable targets. The targets are reported on and results are accessible on the website.

The University has recently achieved the ISO41001 standard

University of Exeter

Implementation methodologies

Through ongoing projects already underway.


University of Exeter
Deliverable Date
Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2010-2015 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
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Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Mark Goodwin, Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Affairs and Cornwall Campus) ,

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