Sustainable Transport Award - Cape Town
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In 2011, Cape Town opened its first BRT corridor, fully integrated with cycling, and took the first step at using transportation to increase inclusivity and accessibility.
Source: Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
BRT planning has been in consideration in Cape Town since 2002, when the Province tried to implement its use on Klipfontein. When the city started planning, it was in a divided political environment, where one party controlled the city (the DA) and one party controlled the Province (ANC). Overcoming this divide was difficult and the city faced innumerable challenges as the Province and the ANC were continuously trying to undermine the city's plans. The city has recently had success with implementing a BRT system, opening 16 km of segregated BRT corridor in an area where there was previously no mass transit investment. It has also opened the longest continuous bike way in Africa - 16 km of protected bike way which is parallel to the BRT corridor. Travel time has been reduced by about 50% - the BRT corridor takes about 35 minutes end to end, while it would have previously taken an hour to an hour and a half. Cape Town has also incorporated the existing operators into the new system as companies that are contracted to provide the service.

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