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The University of Salford’s sustainability commitments are outlined in our Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement. These commitments include:- Embedding care for the environment in the culture of the organisation as part of its goal to be a sustainable University;- Investing in low carbon consumption of energy as a key strategic research theme across all of the areas of discipline;- As and when opportunities arise incorporating environmental sustainability themes into all of the teaching programmes that the University offers;- Fully complying and, where possible, exceeding domestic and international environmental legislation, guidelines and standards;-Reducing both the direct and indirect carbon footprint of the University through the development and implementation of a carbon management plan;- Minimise our impact on the environment by reducing water use, preventing pollution, reusing materials, recycling and reducing waste to landfill;- Developing an ethical and sustainable procurement policy that seeks to obtain goods and services that incorporate sustainable resources including, energy, water, wood, metals and other raw materials;

Implementation methodologies

- Ensuring sustainability is at the core of the Campus Masterplan development and sustainable construction practices are embedded into plans for refurbishments and new developments;- Developing a travel plan which encourages alternative methods of transport to single-occupancy car journeys;- Proactively working with our local partners to align sustainable practices;- Protecting the natural habitats and encouraging biodiversity on University managed land and of that surrounding, particularly Peel Park;- Developing an Environmental Management System in line with the EcoCampus programme and ISO 14001 to drive continual improvement;- Communicating the environmental sustainability policy and strategy to staff, students and other stakeholders and raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities and opportunities for environmental improvements;- Reviewing this policy and supporting strategy to ensure it is fit for purpose, as a minimum annually;- Ensuring adequate resources to realise this vision of environmental sustainability statement.

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Time-frame: 2012 - 2015
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Prof Amanda Broderick , Pro-Vice Chancellor, A.J.Broderick@salford.ac.uk
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