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Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDI Projects)
Description/achievement of initiative

The Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDI Projects) was formed at HillCity College, Ghana to assist students/ trainees in discovering, developing and executing sustainable development projects in identified areas. The core objective of these projects is to help integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in models of development and entrepreneurship project works and research by students/ trainees in the Institution.

Implementation methodologies

The initiative is carried out through research, innovative learning and modelling of prototypes. For projects that are beyond the implementation of the team, proposals and research reports is intended to be submitted to the relevant body for implementation. An incubator and a project secretariat has been developed for assisting students and for technical support.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Capacity building programmes have commenced. Research methodology training as well as Social Impact Assessment Research have commenced. The Initiative intends partnering other development agencies for technological training and assistance.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The initiative is keenly supervised by the teaching and research staff of the College. Students have been grouped into identified thematic areas. In each group three people are given leadership roles on merit basis forming the steering committee of each project. They have also been attached to a staff whose research and industry practice falls in the related field. The team reports to the Coordinator of SDI Projects at HillCity College who also reports to the Director, HillCity Institute of International and Global Affairs.


HillCity College/ HillCity Institute for International and Global Affairs
Progress reports
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4
Goal 5
Goal 6
Goal 7
Goal 13
Goal 16
Goal 17
April 2017
Capacity Building on the essence of the Sustainable Development Goal
September 2017
Research Methodology Training and Social Impact Assessment in Specific Areas
September 2018
Technical Support for Project Implementation/ Funding Assistance and Facilitation for Innovative and Sustainable Projects
September 2019
Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
Other, please specify
A dedicated working space/ office for selected projects at the initial phase of implementation
In-kind contribution
An ultra-modern space for secretariat, training, research and incubator programme/ actives
Staff / Technical expertise
Dedicated staff and outsourced technicians

Basic information
Time-frame: April 2017 - April 2020
HillCity College/ HillCity Institute for International and Global Affairs
Contact information
Geoffrey Adjaison , Mr. , geoffinhim@gmail.com, geoffinhim@hillcity.edu.gh
United Nations