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The Italian Ministry of Environment in order to promote a debate among the civil society has started a collection of the green economy experiences carried out by the different Major Groups.
Source: Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea
The collection of civil society's experiences has been conducted by the Italian Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the University Consortium for Environmental and Socioeconomic Research (CURSA), as a result of the Civil Society Forum that was organised in January 2012.
A dedicated web portal has been created on this purpose ( and a large number of actors, from various Major Groups (Business, Academia, NGOs, Agriculture...), regardless of mission and level of action, have already joined by reporting on their activities that contribute to the Green Economy.
The collection is still on going, but a first evaluation of the almost 200 experiences inserted up to the end of May 2012 has been elaborated in view of the Rio Conference and published in the webportal, both in Italian and in English.
The GE Initiatives collected during the 1st phase relate to all sectors identified by the UNEP Green Economy Initiative, mainly focusing on the following areas: waste, energy, industry, buildings, transport, environmental protection.

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This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Location: Rome
Date of completion: 2012
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