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Environmental rating systems to promote green industry
Description/achievement of initiative

The environmental certification systems are one of the most interesting ways to strengthen the adhesion of Catalan companies towards a greener economy. This tool allows to position the GREEN factor as a competitive differential of utmost importance that promotes consumption of sustainable products and services.
Source: Directorate-General for Environmental Quality (DGQA). Ministry of Territory and Sustainability. Government of Catalonia. EMAS registered businesses. ACC10, the Catalan Business Support Agency.
In this sense the Directorate-General for Environmental Quality (DGQA) promotes different tools like the Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality, an ecological labelling system, EMAS, a voluntary management tool which allows the continued evaluation and improvement of the environmental performance of organisations, and the Catalan Eco-design Programme (ECODIScat) that stablish the added value of eco-design in the Catalan economy. On its part the Emas Club, is a Catalan association that improves the environmental performance of businesses in different areas (waste, emissions, energy, water, biodiversity, etc.). It is also noteworthy the role of the Catalan Business Support Agency (ACC10) with the creation and promotion of clusters to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses linked to the environment sector.

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