Youth Initiative for Empowering Leadership and Development (YIELD)
Description/achievement of initiative

Contributing towards harnessing youths potential as active citizen for peace and development in Delhi, YIELD (Youth Initiative for empowering leadership and development) sets agenda for empowerment of marginalized youth from different slum clusters of Delhi with objectives to encourage active citizenship and to identify and promote young change-makers whose leadership will catalyze the achievement of peace and SDGs in Delhi.

Implementation methodologies

Obective 1: Number of Youth will be volunteering / contributing as active citizens in various social situations- 1500 youth will be mobilized from 3 slum clusters of New Delhi through the process of involving youth to explore their self and their passions in life Out of whom 900 youth will be actively volunteering/contributing to resolve their community issues by initiating/participating in various youth led community actions. Process 1: Mobilisation of youth through a series of self-exploratory/reflective exercises Activities: a.Conducting community level meetings/workshops for self- exploration: In order to select targeted youth, community level exercises will be conducted at the different slum communities. These exercises will help the youth to take inventory of themselves, about their strengths and weaknesses, desires and passions in life. b.Youth profiling (Baseline survey): Organization will prepare individual youths profile to know their needs and current status, along with young volunteers from the community. Process 2: Capacity building of young people on skills for self reflection and action Activities: a.Capacity building trainings on life skills: To undertake activities that build self-development process among youth, would require proper training and facilitation by experts on Life Skill development with a focus on the following key areas - Skill to Negotiate (with self and society) adapt to external situations by adjusting in a positive manner and striking a middle path to progress Critical and Creative thinking b.Exposure visits, interface with social and political experts Objective 2: Number of youth will be working as social change agents (youth development facilitators/ NGO leaders/ issue based leaders) in their area of personal calling. 600 youth will be capacitated and mentored as leaders/active citizens within the community, out of the 1500 mobilised, and further from the 900 young people motivated for change. Process 1: Identify and build leadership, in line with the concept of active citizenship Activities: a. Facilitate demonstration of socio-political understanding through scenario writing, skits, talks and written competitions and practical involvement through thematically relevant campaigns and events. b. Networking with Government, Civil Society Organizations and institutions to advocate on issues identified and relevant programmes. Encouraging and equipping youth for participating in community action programmes and ULB (urban local body) c. Youth Adda and Annual Youth Meet: Common spaces will be created in communities where young people meet and interact with youth from different backgrounds, have fun, organize events and workshops/exchanges to explore themes of their own choice.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

This programme will be implemented in the same area where IGSSS has been intervening to reduce different vulnerabilities of urban poor, mainly working with women, unorganised labourers and youth (specifically to build their vocational skills). This project will help in creating a stronger foundation for sustainability of youth led action, since it focuses on work with self and with groups. Also, being based in Delhi, the team will be working with many organisations who exclusively work on youth development, Government departments like the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), in order to create momentum and scope for continuation and sustainability.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

IGSSS (Indo Global social service society)'s Youth Development team with support from donor organisations are the coordinating body for this initiative. This direct implementation programme in the slum clusters of Delhi has involved a team of highly trained staff and volunteers who are dedicated to the cause of Youth Development. IGSSS, with its decades of experience, believes that educational and socio-economic interventions are the two pillars of youth development program. This particular period is reckoned as the most productive stage in human life. Young people possess the courage and potential to initiate, take risks and to make efforts towards the betterment of their own lives and their community as well. They have the strength, will and aspirations to take leadership to change their surroundings. At the same time, youth are also impressionable and vulnerable to societal forces and peer pressure of the times. Most of them live with a confused mindset, without having arrived at a solid vision for their life ahead. All they need is professional guidance so that they can help themselves to serve their family and community. IGSSSs unique programme SMILE (Student Mobilization Initiatives for Learning through Experiences) started in 1986 and was targeted to promote youth leadership. This created a nation-wide reach and impact, and built up a rapport with cohort youth groups, student unions, CBOs NGOs and the Government. Many organisations have emerged as premier youth development organisations as an off shoot of IGSSS. This concept leverages the strengths of SMILE program in order to attempt a long term, comprehensive and focused program for youth development in the country. IGSSS is committed that all the programmes and projects supported and implemented must be monitored to ensure that the intended results outcome and outputs are achieved. The policy and system, enshrined in the Programme Quality Manual, ensures the following: IGSSS is responsible for achieving the outcomes agreed in each programme. Agreed outputs are achieved as per the projects and work plan Decisions of programmes and projects are based on facts and evidence. Lessons learned are documented for knowledge and improving future programmes and projects.


Indo Global Social Service Society
Progress reports
Goal 6
Goal 10
Goal 11
Goal 13
Goal 16
Goal 17
Number of youth initiated projects/campaigns on community issues like gender inequalities, health, environment, governance issues at the community level
Number of youth /youth groups organizing advocacy meeting and submitting application/ memorandum to concern authorities for proper and effective delivery of services like health, education, loans, technical support, etc
Number of youth /youth clubs resolving issues and conflicts in their slum communities.
Staff / Technical expertise
IGSSS's Youth Development team staff along with volunteers and resource persons from various fields.
In-kind contribution
Volunteer's support from various social institutions/colleges/universities

Basic information
Time-frame: April/2017 - March/2020
Indo Global Social Service Society
Contact information
Harsh Gupta, YIELD- Youth Initiative for Empowering Leadership and Development, harsh@igsss.net
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