Status of initiative: N/a
Description/achievement of initiative

The organization has a target, that by the year 2020 countries in Africa will promote the united nations programmes and initiative on sustainable development and create avenue of implementing part of the set agenda and also to create awareness on the impending dangers, reasons and causes of various environmental problems and work had to proffer solution to the imposed danger lying ahead of us through creating changes in our environmental out look visa-vice promoting esthetic environment suitable for the co-existence of man andits environment.

Implementation methodologies

this commitment will be implimentation in conjuction with the unep methodological plan.
the federal ministry of environment and the federal government.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

this commitment has an already established arrangements for capacity building ,youth development and splendid policy for transfer of knowledge and technology

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

the oragnization has its established governing body comparising of the board of trustees of the oragization, the state and federal government ,the member of civil society organizations and will also add some members of the united nations on this fied to join hand in ensure we have a well achievable plan and effective implimentation of the said plan


environmental degradation organization of nigeria in partner with UNEP
fedaral ministry of environment,
ensuring sustainable environment and ensuring rapid response to environmental saniation
provisoinof skill aquisition programme and youth development
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Resources devoted to implementation
Financing (in USD)
1,780,000 USD
Financing (in USD)
527,000 USD
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 2 May
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Action Network
Location: fct-abuja, nigeria
Date of completion: 2015
Operating in countries
Partner connections
Contact information/focal point(s)
shaibu salami,

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