Mangrove of my heart - Manglar de mi corazn
Description/achievement of initiative

Our project aims to restore and protect 72 hectares of mangroves close to a small town (Rincon del Mar) on the Colombian coast and to improve the sewage and waste management system to protect the mangroves from future degradation. The project will result in benefits from reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing greenhouse gas storage within the mangroves as well as provide a social benefit to the population of Rincon del Mar.

Implementation methodologies

Firstly, the project aims to change local behaviors in regards to how the population dispose of waste and, secondly, to improved the ability for the population of Rincon del Mar to live sustainably with the mangroves. This will be done by working with a local trash company to improve and increase the scope of its service, working with local community leaders to increase awareness of the impacts of pollution and improving the sustainability of the eco tourism that is currently growing in Rincon del Mar. The improvement of the local trash company will be done through: Purchasing basic safety equipment to protect workers Increasing the number of househoulds using the service Assisting with the systemization and reporting of business operations Building of a Greenhouse within the land of the local trash company allowing for mangrove (and other plants) to be grown and used in the restoration of approximately 25 hectares of mangroves that have dried out Improving the sustainability of eco tourism will be done by: Providing English lessons nightly within the town (currently no local can speak English and act as a guide to tourists) Providing translations for tours Providing business and consulting support to micro businesses; specifically focusing on women within Rincon Work will be completed with local leaders in Rincon by: Replanting and restoring approximately 25 hectares that have dried out Performing patrols of the mangroves to ensure trash is not put into them Providing capacity building on project design and management Ongoing measurement of the carbon levels within the mangroves to measure ongoing success of the project This second part will be done in conjunction with local government and will involve building of breakwaters, a sewage system, aqueduct etc. This work will be mainly carried out by local government, however there will be supervision performed by E2E to ensure timely delivery of these projects (currently years overdue with little to no work started). This work combined will allow for a healthy restoration and ongoing protection of the mangroves.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

As the majority of the project involves direct work with the community we have made sure to transfer as much knowledge and skills as possible to whoever we are working with. The focus on education and skills transfers can be evidenced by: English classes for future ecotourism development Workshops on project design and management Business development and management for the local trash company Training of locals to perform carbon stock measurements within the mangroves This project has been designed in conjunction with the local population of Rincon.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


CarSucre, Alcaldia de Rincn del Mar, Vasillas, Bibliotheca Mariamulata
Progress reports
Goal 1
Goal 5
Goal 8
Goal 13
Goal 14
January 2018
Improvement of the local trash collection
January 2018
Improvement of the sustainability of eco tourism
October 2019
Complete restoration of 25 hectares of mangroves
Staff / Technical expertise
E2E concultants and volunteers

Basic information
Time-frame: November 2017 - October 2019
CarSucre, Alcaldia de Rincn del Mar, Vasillas, Bibliotheca Mariamulata
Contact information
Colleen Damieux, Programme assistant, colleendamieux17@gmail.com
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