Observatory of Urban Mobility (OUM)
Description/achievement of initiative

CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, will continue data compilation on urban and sustainable transport in Latin American cities and will enhance the policy application of data collected. The project started in 2007 involving 15 cities in 9 countries, and now covers 25 cities in 11 countries. It is intended that all major cities with more than 2 million inhabitants and smaller capital cities will be included. 10 largest urban areas of Latin America are already included. This effort is aimed to fill the gaps identified in the availability of quality, trustworthy and updated transport and mobility data in Latin America.

Implementation methodologies

As part of the commitment CAF will do regular updates of the data, with minor updates on an annual basis, major review and update on a 5 yearly basis. The data collected will be used in a series of 25 research studies covering topics including fuel and vehicle technologies; planning and implementation of transport policies; road safety; environmental impacts; institutional arrangements and funding transport. The data and research results will be utilized in policy dialogues that CAF will conduct in 25 cities. CAF will coordinate with data gathering initiatives in other major regions of the world to develop a global data initiative on urban transport.

CAF has established strategic partnerships with institutions linked to research in urban transport in the región (e.g. Fundación Latinoamericana de Transporte Público y Urbano, CTS-EMBARQ y la Asociación Nacional de Transporte Público de Brasil ), which will continue during the implementation of this commitment.

CAF aims to gradually build local ownership for data collection and analysis whereby CAF's role would gradually be limited to the provision of technical support. CAF also intends to develop partnerships with other international organizations, which might contribute financially to the implementation of the observatory in the future.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
Progress reports
2015 and 2019
Major revision of data
About 25 different studies based on data collected . About 2-4 studies per year
Minor Review of basic data
Policy Dialog with participating 25 cities based on data and research
Financing (in USD)
7,000,000 USD
In-kind contribution
As part of sustainability campaign increase local support by cities. Value is between 1- 1.5 million USD in-kind.

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - 2020
CAF - Development Bank of Latin America
Contact information
Jorge Kogan, Transport Senior Advisor, jkogan@caf.com
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