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Glasgow Caledonian University is committed to achieve a 20% reduction in its carbon emissions by 2014, based on the 2008 baseline figure. By end of 2010 the University had already achieved 6.5% and is on track to exceed the 20% figure with the introduction of its own Sustainable Energy Centre by summer 2013.

Annual reporting of carbon reduction is carried out primarily by measuring against the approved Carbon Management Plan 2010 which is supported by external partners, The Carbon Trust.

In parallel the University has embarked on the Eco-Campus environmental management programme and has achieved Bronze award (April 2009), Silver award (July 2011) .The timeline to be awarded Gold is anticipated to be September 2012.

Glasgow Caledonian University’s drive for enhancing sustainability performance thrives in the organisation where University Executive, Senior Management and Elected Student representatives are champions of the initiative.


Glasgow Caledonian University

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  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice Chancellor,

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Pamela Gillies - Principal and Vice Chancellor
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