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Sustainability Knowledge Lab
Description/achievement of initiative

INDEG-ISCTE is committed towards the effective implementation of sustainability in its core business, (executive education). INDEG has created the Sustainability Knowledge Lab (SKL) in 2012, a center that aims to create, promote and disseminate knowledge on the subjects of sustainability. Its mission is to empower business leaders with interdisciplinary knowledge and its business principles are based on respect, innovation and creativity. In order to improve our activities towards executive education for sustainability, INDEG has decided to sign the “Commitment to Sustainable Practices”. By doing this, it assumes its public commitment towards the creation and dissemination of a responsible management culture.

Implementation methodologies

Below are identified the activities that INDEG-ISCTE aims to implement in order to comply with the five commitments of the above declaration. Teach sustainable development concepts: Offer open sustainability executive management programmes | Engage with companies in order to promote specific in company training courses in the sustainability area | Gradually incorporate a sustainability class in most courses. Encourage research on sustainable development issues: Develop applied research on sustainable development | Write publications about sustainable management strategies. Green our campuses: Conduct an energy efficiency analysis of our building | Define and implement a sustainability strategy | Implement recycling practices | Implement a Green Procurement Policy | Train all workers at INDEG on these policies. Support sustainability efforts in the communities in which we reside: Define a Social Responsibility Strategy | Implement that Social Responsibility Strategy. Engage with and share results through international frameworks: Engage in an active way with national and international entities related to sustainability | Work in partnership with national and international universities.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Progress reports
Goal 4

Basic information
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Contact information
INDEG-ISCTE Executive Education, Sustainability Knowledge Lab, skl.indeg@iscte.pt
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