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SDG 7 Assessment initiative
Description/achievement of initiative

Sulitest was created following Rio+20 as an easy to use, online, multiple choice assessment platform, consisting of a set of questions identical worldwide, and other specialized modules that consider regional realities. Sulitest has been already taken by more than 80,000 students. Each question is aligned with one or more of the 17 SDG, creating one of the largest databases on citizens' awareness and understanding of the SDGs. The Secretariat of HLPF (DSD/UN DESA) is leading a process to create a Sulitest SDG 7 specific module for raising awareness and assessing the knowledge of all stakeholders related to this Goal.

Implementation methodologies


Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The Module will be offer worldwide for free to universities or any organisations interested in the Energy topic. Those organisations just need to register on www.sulitest.org and invite their students/staff.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure



Sulitest (sustainability literacy tools and community) in partnership with UNDESA
Progress reports
Goal 7
July 2018
main findings of knowledge around SDG 7 (keynote speaker, posters...)
March 2018
first set of question (the ten major information that anyone should know about energy
In-kind contribution
communication from both partners
Staff / Technical expertise
Experts on energy from UNDESA and experts on question production form Sulitest
In-kind contribution
provision of the sulitest platform

Basic information
Time-frame: Jan 2018 - July 2018
Sulitest (sustainability literacy tools and community) in partnership with UNDESA
Contact information
Jean Christophe CARTERON, President / CSR Director, jccarteron@kedgebs.com
United Nations