Deep Future Markets
Description/achievement of initiative

Facilitation of environmental impact reduction, help in the development of an universal platform for human life continuity and technological improvement of life through High technology and to raise awareness on high technologies to highlight the importance of dealing with challenges, to create and stimulate groups and communities to “imagine the future” and thinkers connected to Corporations, Universities, research centers and Schools Identify and advocate entrepreneurs and funding models that will enable technological innovation to address the world’s most pressing challenging situations and to create business-job cycles at all social levels in all countries, in order to create balance

Implementation methodologies

• Number of people assigned: 5 we need more help, we look for partners on this..
• Target Institutions per country: 2 Schools, 2 Universities, 2 Technological Centers, Several invited Corporations and entrepreneurs and Government members.
• Promotion methods: Conferences, Social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) , Marketing (events marketing, website with membership , creation of videos, leaflets, pins, pens and T-shirts)
• Locations : 12 Cities - Europe( Berlin, Paris, Oslo, London, Brussels) China(Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen), India( New Delhi) , Japan( Tokyo) , USA (New York) and Brazil (Sao Paulo)
• Conference type: 1 day Conference, presentations in the morning, group discussions and registrations for membership in the afternoon.
• Timeframe: 2 years
• Starting time : January 2015
• Date of 1 day Conferences per organization ( average 1 week of stay per city and 11 cities all over the world):

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

To measure the results in DFM we will:

 Make 1 reports every week about the progress, the new ideas and how and what technologies where discussed.
 Monitor also results via internet platform (CRM based. registrations feedbacks etc..) with continuous monitoring with the organizations in the future (1 and 2 years after meeting/event).

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The Deep Future Markets (DFM) will be having a board meeting every week and will be promoting a new collective objectives with imaginary thinking groups for rebuilding a society with new technologies, developing new markets and help to reduce poverty and improve life conditions in health, food, home living, personal organization, transportation, environment etc..


World alliance of Peoples' Organizations
Deliverable Date
To bring to the market for the rich and poor countries 100 new technologies that will change and facilitate the way we live 2017
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise 5
Other, please specify Finance is still under analysis

Antonio, Executive director,

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