Island Resilience Partnership
Description/achievement of initiative

The Island Resilience Partnership (IRP) supports communities on the front-lines of climate change by accelerating their transition toward renewable energy and resilient infrastructure - at no-cost to governments and island stakeholders. The IRP utilizes GridMarket's predictive analytics, mapping technology, and competitive marketplace to design, develop, and deploy distributed energy resources across island in order to achieve climate mitigation and climate adaptation goals.

Implementation methodologies

Built upon GridMarket's platform, the IRP leverages EarthX's philanthropic network, GLISPA's international community of island leaders, and the PVBLIC Foundation's global media reach in order to transform the energy infrastructure of small island developing states.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

By leveraging philanthropic capital, the IRP provides support and technical assistance to island nations at no-cost to their governments.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The IRP works directly with Palau's government, coordinating efforts with the Office of Climate Change and Ministry of Environment.


Republic of Palau, GridMarket, GLISPA, EarthX, PVBLIC Foundation
Progress reports
Goal 7
Goal 9
Goal 11
Goal 13
Provide the Republic of Palau with a national energy roadmap to achieve Paris Accord goals at no-cost to Palau's government.
Produce competitive bids from world class solution providers to implement national energy roadmap at no-cost to Palau's government
Present overview of Palau's national energy transformation (and achievement of the Paris Accord goals) at the UNGA 74 during the high-level meeting on SAMOA Pathway
Staff / Technical expertise
GLISPA is actively connecting the IRP to its international network of island leaders to help scale the initiative
Staff / Technical expertise
GridMarket's technical team is overseeing the design, development, and deployment of distributed energy resources
In-kind contribution
PVBLIC Foundation is provide in-kind assistance by amplifying the IRP's message through its media channels

Basic information
Time-frame: 04/20/2017 - 12/31/2030
Republic of Palau, GridMarket, GLISPA, EarthX, PVBLIC Foundation
Contact information
Matt Tranchin, Executive Director, tranchin@gmail.com
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