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Reforesting Brazil's Biomes & Facilitating Biodiverse Genomic Flow between Atlantic Rainforest fragments
Description/achievement of initiative

Arborem has entered into agreement with a number of landowners in Brazil to help them reforest at least their minimum legal requirements. Without outside help many, if not the majority of, Brazilian landholders will find it difficult to reforest their properties even if it is their theoretical legal obligation to do so. Arborem will assist in the reforestation of the first 10,000 hectares hoping to attract public, private or corporate supporters around the world to assist with a further 90,000 ha. If we manage that then Arborem's parent group will sponsor another 10,000 ha. again looking for matching support

Implementation methodologies

Arborem is focusing on areas which would not otherwise, be reforested. Excluding the Amazon biome, there are an estimated 30 million hectares of Atlantic rainforest and Cerrado to be reforested. Depending on the micro-biome, the density and the number and variety of tree species to be planted as well as other factors, it costs between US$2,000 and US$10,000 per hectare to reforest areas with native vegetation. As part of its methodology, Arborem is using advanced proprietary mapping technology, together with the iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais) and AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica). AGP is part of Arborem's controlling group which also controls PETRA Energia, Latin America's largest privately held oil & gas company. The iGRF has entered into agreements with holders of biodiversity to supply seeds for native forest regeneration of over 100 different species. The institute expects to make available at least a million seedlings for native reforestation in 2012/2013. The iGRF is a Brazilian genetic research institute focused on plant genomes and forestry resources. Arborem's development in this area is led by Charles Frewen a lifelong campaigner and supporter of the Brazilian Rainforest and Cerrado.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais)
AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica)
Progress reports
At least 1,000 hectares
At least 4,000 hectares
At least 5,000 hectares
Other, please specify
Commitment value in cash and in kind committees for the first phase
Other, please specify
Commitment value in cash and in kind committees for the first phase
Other, please specify
Nursery, biodiverse seeds and seedlings,
Staff / Technical expertise
scientific, technical and administrative team
In-kind contribution
time, logistics, infrastructure, administrative team,

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2017-12-31
iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais)
AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica)
Contact information
Charles Frewen , Director, frewen@frewen.com
United Nations