Pleading to give African soils the right place in the "the future we want"
Description/achievement of initiative

This commitment aims to better management of soils in Africa

Implementation methodologies

Showing that:
- soil is a crucial support for production systems;
- preserving the soil carbon content is essential, especially in arid and semi‐arid regions;
- it is necessary to quantify the impact of management practices on carbon sequestration in the soil, for various African pedoclimatic conditions;
- the linkage between research institutions, civil society and development organizations must be promoted;
- the dissemination of scientific results for decision makers, civil society and farmers must be reinforced;
- the expertise and training capacities of teams dealing with soils in Africa must be reinforced.


The network« Soil carbon for a sustainable agriculture in view of climate changes in Africa »
Network composed by scientist and NGOs working in Africa
Deliverable Date
An efficient Network of Scientist and NGOs commited with the preservation of Soils in Africa 2012
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Network offering its expertises on soils in Africa
Other, please specify Communication actions

Martial BERNOUX, Dr,

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