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Description/achievement of initiative

In years 2012 and 2013 the International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS) will undertake to implement the summer school project Innovation in Business Environmental Challenges. The programme will enhance participant's creativity and innovation and by raising their awareness of environmental issues and demonstrating actual environmental solutions guiding their thought and action in the field of business challenges in environmental science. Participants will be acquainted with several practical examples and with project work encouraged to innovative business engagement in the global environment.

The objectives of the programme are as follows:

a) Implement the course Innovation in business in English and to develop and test the appropriate study materials and gain teaching experience, which will serve as the basis for its inclusion in the regular course implementation of the first cycle study programmes.

b) Strengthen international cooperation activities of the institution including at least three foreign universities in the programme and estimated participation (mobility) of 30 foreign students.

c) Enhance institution’s cooperation with local businesses in the form of study visits and case studies, based on the participation of practitioners in the programme, who will mentor groups of students in the practical part of the project. Participants will, therefore, gain valuable practical knowledge and skills in technological and technical content areas. Participating companies will be presented with an inventive set of possible solutions (presumably non-technological) to implement in their entrepreneurial projects.

d) Develop and use a combined approach to teaching using a variety of forms of teaching:

- The Innovation workshop will in a practical way encourage participants to develop creativity and innovation. The workshop will provide a basis for identifying and developing international business opportunities related to environmental and ecological aspects on the basis of case studies.

- With Simulation of Market Developments Workshop participants will be shown the importance of design in business and deliberate action on the market. Participants will be able to test their business skills and corporate planning in a virtual environment.

- Stress the importance of understanding different international backgrounds, cultural and national differences and enable participants to improve their communication skills in the workshop environment.

- Enable the participants to understand the issue of intellectual property rights in the international business environment and to demonstrate the possibilities and approaches for the protection of new knowledge, technology and technological innovation, patents, industrial designs, trademarks or geographical indications.

- To allow participants to become acquainted with issues of sustainable development in the field of management of drinking and waste water, renewable energy, and to identify potential business-innovative approaches in this field.

Summer School participants should acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of:

1) facilitating the emergence of new knowledge in small and medium enterprises, approaches to managing innovation and R&D activities in enterprises, intellectual property and its legal and other protection;

2) business and marketing planning and accessing the modern, competitive markets;

3) public speaking and business communication in the international and multicultural environment and

4) business opportunities created by the field of environmental protection, renewable energy, management of drinking water and industrial wastewater within the sustainable development strategy.

Implementation methodologies

Strong connection between the IP and business environment will be established through inclusion of domestic companies, especially the ones active in management of drinking and waste water, renewable energy and therefore addressing many relevant current environmental issues. Their contribution will be to make the learning more practice oriented. Guest speakers from companies will introduce real world problems. Study visits to the companies will be organized in order to base some study units of the program on actual business situations etc. ISSBS has established an ongoing open communication with several members of business sector. Links with companies will be actively put to practise in the form of representatives from companies working with groups of students at their group project work. Moreover, the programme will contribute in strengthening links between higher education institutions and business sector making their transition form study to labor market easier. Main part of the summer school will be live case studies aimed at identifying business opportunities in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development and the preparation of student's group projects.


International School for Social and Business Studies
Deliverable Date
Summer school project Innovation in Business Environmental Challenges 2013
Resources devoted to implementation
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Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of student and staff dedicated to sustainable practices

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Srečko Natek, Dean,

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