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Under The Raintree Women's Cultural Festival
Description/achievement of initiative

Under The Raintree Women’s Cultural Festival is the 1st of its kind in India; a multi-track festival curated entirely by women, and offering the stage only to women, while entry is open to all genders. It is an affirmative action to emphasise and strengthen equality and women's leadership across spheres. We believe that culture is a powerful medium of positive social change, and has the power to modify opinions and perceptions.

Implementation methodologies

The objective of Under The Raintree Women’s Cultural Festival is to inspire girls and women by introducing them to a new set of role models across the fields of arts, science, business and politics. Authors, filmmakers, dancers, artists, musicians, stand-up comics, actors, corporate leaders to participate in speaker sessions and present programmes and performances that are scintillating & thought-provoking. We ensure that these reach the right demographic by inviting educational institutions to send their students to both volunteer and participate in all the events.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

In the run up to festival, curators will announce 'challenges'. these would be for choreography, music, poetry and verses etc. The most promising entries will chosen and the applicants will be mentored. Their work will be shown at the festival. Students of Media and Women Studies will be given priority in volunteer slots, and will work closely with curators and the Festival Director. Their work will be considered as projects that will considered during academic evaluation.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

We partner with independent and recognised category experts who curate the events for the Festival. We commission original content for headline acts. We raise funds to ensure that every speaker/ performer/ artist is paid honorariums (not commercial rates). Some of our sponsors pay vendors some of the costs directly, such as the costs of venue or sound hire. Our accounts are audited by a certified chartered accountant and we give a report to sponsors.


Raintree Media, B.PAC, Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts(SaPa), Natya STEM, Lowe Lintas ( more to follow)
Progress reports
Goal 5
Aug 2019
Choreography challenge›
Nov 2019
Multi arts festival
Oct 2019
Writing challenge
Sept 2019
Music composition challenge
Financing (in USD)
12,000 USD
In-kind contribution
accommodation for artists
Staff / Technical expertise
curation and co-ordination

Basic information
Time-frame: August 10, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019
Raintree Media, B.PAC, Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts(SaPa), Natya STEM, Lowe Lintas ( more to follow)
Contact information
Subhalakshmi Roy, AVP -Outreach, mail@raintreemedia.com
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