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The Arctic Film Festival
Description/achievement of initiative

The Arctic Film Festival is a sustained effort to empower film directors about the importance of social impact films and educate the general public about the implications that global warming brings to our lives. As the world heats up, Greenland melts and the Midwest floods, filmmakers are devoting more resources to create climate change filmmaking. We aim at: Raising awareness of global warming; Through a cinematic experience for audiences and filmmakers, challenge and reflect on global-scale problems; Provide a unique opportunity to screen artists' work the world's northernmost inhabited areas and where the negative climate implications are most notorious.

Implementation methodologies

Our goal is to promote and spread a culture of sustainability. The film festival will take place every year in September, and spans for 2 days the same number of goals we aim to promote. Climate action is a prioritized item with overall narrative support for all 17 SDGs.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Cinema is considered as one of the strongest modes of communicating a particular message and films contribute as an effective medium to inculcate global warming awareness. Filmmakers will be guided through critiques and feedback not only to improve their skills but to also teach them how social-impact movies can generate lasting legacies in today's time the wake of demand for public awareness and support for climate action within countries, our purpose is to engage more film industry leaders and but also the general audience on how climate change can and will affect each one of us. Through a series of learning activities, participants will be guided through local tours to help understand the importance of tackling climate change. We believe that bringing together people who are concern about climate change in one of the most notorious and affected places – The Arctic, can facilitate climate action beyond our organization. The Arctic Film festival will also become a comprehensive social network for filmmakers and among other interested parties such as media, general audience, enterprises, and public entities to exchange information, share resources and participate in actions. With over 1100 films from 75 countries and regions submissions, we will provide filmmakers a film critique to obtain constructive feedback at every stage of development, whether they are at early phase development or senior film producers. This opportunity brings qualified film critics to deliver and transfer knowledge for those who requested. This is regardless of whether or not their film is selected for screening. By submitting to the Any Category + Film Critique category, they will receive an in-depth review of 1-2 pages with general or focused-based elements.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The Festival works thanks to the efforts of HF Productions - main film festival organizers that will prepare definition of the criteria for submission to the film festival Kulturhuset Longyearbyen - coordination is made with Svalbard municipality for venue preparation. Social Entrepreneurship Copenhagen - as social impact partner for SDG assessment to the 2030 Agenda. Svalbard Explorer - Educational excursion of the northernmost inhabited areas and where the negative climate implications are most notorious.


Progress reports
Goal 13
Goal 17
Digital publication of festival SDG Production winners, accomplishments, lessons learned and future considerations in relation to environmental issues, will be created and promoted at international level.
Sep 13 - A guided educational tour of the Arctic region for all participants
Sept 14 - Film Festival opening. Roundtable with the film directors that provides direct critique, feedback from our expert producers. Award winners will be announced from the Nominations and will be online the following day.
September 23 - Digital video trailer released of the festival and its social impact activities.
Financing (in USD)
25,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
Nearly 13 professionals with technical capacities in film production, arts, and social impact will contribute to this initiative.
In-kind contribution
Strategic partners

Basic information
Time-frame: May/2019 - November/2019
Contact information
Adriana Romero Andersen, Festival Organizer, aromero@socentcph.dk
United Nations