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Artist Declaration for Climate

Create2030, in partnership with the Battery Tour, Overview Collective and Greenpoint Innovations, and with input from the larger creative economy in the countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, France and Argentina (to date), is drafting an Artist Declaration for Climate. The draft Declaration will be circulated to members of the creative economy for feedback and signatures. There will be live readings and performances of the Declaration by an Artist Delegation which will be attending events throughout the Climate Action Summit, Climate Week NYC and UNGA.
- The creative economy is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy. (SDG Fund)
- Cultural and creative industries are major drivers of economies by capitalizing US $2,250 billion and creating 29.5 million jobs globally. (SDG Fund)
- The creative economy is an “asset for diplomacy and foreign policy” that could play a role in achieving the SDGs. (World Conference on Creative Economy)
1) Using our talents to raise the global conversation on the urgent need for climate action.
2) Practicing our art form in a sustainable manner.
3) Partnering with UN agencies, Member States, academic, private sectors, and others on climate action.
FOLLOW UP MECHANISMS: From Sept 2019-Sept 2020, we will continue to circulate the Declaration and collect signatures. We will use the Declaration to push for policy changes in our respective governments and in partnership with the climate action movement.

Expected impact

We expect to galvanize roughly 1,000 members of the global creative economy to participate in the September 2019 drafting of the Artist Declaration for Climate. We expect to gather over 10,000 signatures throughout the following year and present them during the 2020 five-year review of the SDGs.
Our mission is to amplify the voice of the creative community in the climate action movement and in support of the SDGs. We are also working with tech and renewable energy company, the Battery Tour, to develop sustainability solutions for the creative economy.



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In-kind contribution
This is a voluntary project, supported by Create2030 and the Battery Tour
Staff / Technical expertise
We are tapping into the creative talent of 360/VR producers, filmmakers, musicians, poets and others in the writing and live reading of the Declaration
Basic information
Start: 20 June, 2019
Completion: 30 September, 2020
Create2030 (Private sector)
Lead - Create2030 (Private Sector)
Partners - Battery Tour (Private Sector), Overview Collective (Private Sector)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficiaries
Create2030 is hosting a writing workshop in collaboration with BKLYN Commons on Friday, September 6 with a group of NYC-area artists and writers. \r\n The draft of the Artist Declaration for Climate will be circulated online globally for feedback and signature. There will be live readings and performances of the final Artist Declaration for Climate - at high-level events in NYC, on the streets and during the Climate Strikes - using a sound system powered by the Battery Tour's renewable energy technology, making our efforts energy independent. The final Declaration will be framed and presented to high profile individuals at various events. Outside of the NYC area, local artist networks are arranging local reading events.
Contact information
Lisa Russell, Founder, lisa@create2030.org,
New York City, USA
United Nations