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Action Platform for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The themes of SDG16, peace, justice and strong institutions, are core to sustainable business — they are the foundation not only for business responsibilities, but also business success. However, it can be difficult to understand concretely how these concepts relate to a business’s strategies, operations and relationships. The United Nations Global Compact Action Platform on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is addressing this challenge.

Consistent with the spirit of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals — particularly Goal 16 — the Action Platform on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions aims to provide global business standards in understanding, implementing and reporting on business engagement in these areas. The platform also seeks to provide a forum for businesses, civil society, investors, Governments and the UN to engage in meaningful dialogue that results in concrete action towards improving accountability, integrity and transparency within businesses and the countries in which they operate.

Expected impact

The purpose of the Action Platform is to promote business engagement on SDG 16 by developing a global framework to guide businesses in understanding, implementing and reporting on Goal 16 and to:
1. Foster innovation at the global and local level including:
• To develop a normative standard “Understand, Implement, Report Framework’ that guides businesses in advancing Goal 16 through the adoption of a bottom-up via United Nations Global Compact Local Networks
• To drive innovation and leadership by addressing global issues on Goal 16 from the top-down (including accountability, integrity and transparency; protecting fundamental freedoms; and restoring trust in public and private institutions)
2. Provide the enabling context at the global and local level including:
• To provide guidance to businesses on strengthening "corporate governance" through Goal 16 and to improve corporate/shared values through advocacy
• To provide a platform for strengthening partnerships between businesses, governments and civil society to advance "global governance," especially through United Nations Global Compact Local Networks
3. Mainstream practices and progress at the global and local level including:
• To promote increased adoption of the ‘Understand, Implement, Report Framework’ by businesses and their realization of the importance of Goal 16+ to corporate "DNA" performance and value
• To facilitate the strengthening of commitments by businesses and governments internal and external to respective entities



Goal 16
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Combination of financing, in-kind contributions and technical expertise
Basic information
Start: 01 September, 2018
Completion: 31 December, 2021
United Nations Global Compact (United Nations / Multilateral body)
United Nations Global Compact (UN)
Baker McKenzie Global Services LLC (private sector)
L'Oréal (private sector)
Nestlé SA (private sector)
AngloAmerican plc (private sector)
APCO Worldwide (private sector)
Assent Compliance Worldwide (private sector)
Enel (private sector)
Leonardo S.P.A (private sector)
LRN Corporation (private sector)
Oando PLC (private sector)
RELX Group plc (private sector)
Safaricom Limited (private sector)
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited (private sector)
Thomson Reuters (private sector)
White & Case LLC (private sector)
Global Alliance for Reporting Progress on Goal 16 (partnership)
PeaceNexus (Non-Governmental Organization)
Transparency International (Non-Governmental Organization)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Non-Governmental Organization)
World Economic Forum – Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (Partnership)
Global Compact Network Australia (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network Brazil (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network Colombia (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network Indonesia (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network Kenya (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network Spain (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Global Compact Network United Kingdom (Non-Governmental/Partnership)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
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Contact information
Michelle Breslauer, Senior Manager, Governance and Peace, breslauer@unglobalcompact.org,
New York, New York, United States of America
United Nations