Mangrove litter cleanup
Description/achievement of initiative

This project brings together social forces to participate in coastal cleaning to secure our environment, our health, economy and future. The local mangrove ecosystem is among the major sources of income to many people who rely on it for fisheries and the collection of wood; However both village experience high rates of mangrove degradation and pollution.Hence the main focus of the project is to increase local awareness abouth the threat from plastic pollution and mangrove degradation;

Implementation methodologies

Zaveco together with our partners the Nyamanzi Environmental Mangrove Conservation Assocition( NEMCA), JUMKISA and NEMCA; we are determine to increase local awareness about the threat from plastic pollution and mangrove degradation. This is achieved through educational events in local schools as as mangrove clean up events which directly address the local pollution problem. We will also arrange for mangrove planting events around the degraded mangrove areas. Our partnerJUMKISA have got a team of experts in mangrove forest plantation and conservation.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Zaveco will be doing regular site visiting and monitoring the initiatives. Zaveco will have regular mangrove and ocean ecosystem education to our people.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Zaveco will collaboratively work with local government to inforce the control of litters. We as Zaveco we have been working in the initiaves for the quite sometimes we are working with other local NGO's to visit and educate our societies along the coast, we will collect datas and challenges together with our partners we will continue to find solution for those challenges. We are planing to have regulal meetings with our partners to discuss our development in fighting polution and building ecosystem.


ZAVECO, JUMKISA, NEMCA,Zanzibar communities of Kisakasaka and Nyamanzi Communities of Ocean Action Mangroves
Progress reports
Goal 14
December, 2019
Mangrove biodiversity and coverage in increased
Mangrove ecosystem is clean
March, 2020
Awareness on coastal pollution raised
Staff / Technical expertise
Maintain good relationship with target communities expertise in mangrove restoration, use other experts from and within Zanzibar to help in the initiative
In-kind contribution
Volunteers from ZAVECO will dedicate 8 hours of work per day, and 5 hours by volunteers from partner's organization

Basic information
Time-frame: September, 2019 - September 2025
ZAVECO, JUMKISA, NEMCA,Zanzibar communities of Kisakasaka and Nyamanzi Communities of Ocean Action Mangroves
Contact information
Asma Hamad, Chief Secretary, hamadasma@yahoo.com
United Nations