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Urban Walls Brazil 4 Education
Description/achievement of initiative

By connecting schools from the USA and Brazil, we will be opening a dialogue about SUSTAINABILITY, EDUCATION, DIVERSITY, and LITERACY. ART will be utilized to provide project visibility. A mural designed by the American students will be painted at the Brazilian schools. Notwithstanding the mural, the most IMPORTANT part of this project will be the distribution of books to EVERY student at the Brazilian school to foster the habit of reading. Brazilian children's literacy level has a 260-year investment gap compared to the ones in developed countries (data from the 2018 World Bank Annual Report). 

Implementation methodologies

Through our UWB4EDU project, we are connecting schools from the USA and Brazil. The project is divided into 4 phases: Education ( the dialogue will be about the merits and adversities found on both countries and the importance of sustainability for the future of our planet), Mural Design and Book Campaign (the design of the mural should inspire solutions for local sustainable problems), Mural Painting and finally, Book delivery (books will be exclusive UWB releases, talking about all kinds of sustainable issues) and ideas exchange (students will be able to share their experiences and discoveries about the different cultures and how to become more sustainable). This project, developed by Urban Walls Brazil Education, will open the doors for cultural exchange, diversity integration, and planetary consciousness, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a base for our actions.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Urban Walls Brazil has, since 2015, created a platform for cultural exchange, while promoting the importance of diversity, sustainability and partnering with socially engaged organizations to advocate for their cause. For the UWB4EDU project, we will be responsible for connecting American schools to Brazilian schools. Through a basic package, both schools will receive information on the two countries' environments, ecological, and sustainable issues, taking into consideration the diverse culture and beliefs of the different areas. By partnering with organizations like Ler é Fundamental and Holistica Foundation we will be able to distribute books to the students in Brazil. The funds are coming through GoFundMe campaigns but we are working to partner with educational organizations, both in the USA and Brazil.


Urban Walls Brazil, Ler é Fundamental, South River High School, E.M.E.F. Jose Maria C. Moraes, Holistica Foundation,
Progress reports
Goal 4
Goal 5
Goal 6
Goal 10
Goal 12
Goal 13
Goal 14
Goal 15
April 2020
Indian Creek School / Escola Viva
March 2020
South River High / Jose Maria C. Moraes School
May 2020
McDonogh School / Colégio Santo Americo
Staff / Technical expertise
Provided by Roberta Pardo from Urban Walls Brazil and Patricia Secco from Ler é Fundamental
In-kind contribution
The fund for the books' delivery is created through a GoFundMe campaign
Other, please specify
Urban Walls Brazil is the main sponsor for this project

Basic information
Time-frame: March 2020 - Dezember 2030
Urban Walls Brazil, Ler é Fundamental, South River High School, E.M.E.F. Jose Maria C. Moraes, Holistica Foundation,
Contact information
Roberta Pardo, Owner/Creator, rpardo@urbanwallsbrazil.com
United Nations