Waves is an easy-to-use robot-advisor which allows you to generate a personal investment portfolio that creates tangible impact based on your values. By sharing with us the UN Sustainable Development Goals you wish to support we recommend funds that let you have a positive impact on what you care about. To us impact is about making a positive difference, rather than minimizing the negatives. For instance, you could see that your investment in Beyond Meat has saved the planet X tons of GHG emissions. We chase a positive return on investments and use modern portfolio theory to ensure sufficient diversification.This provides our customers with the emotional engagement of giving to charity coupled with the self interest of investing. In fact, research shows that sustainable investments tend to overperform typical market averages, a win-win situation!

Expected impact

To reach the SDGs by 2030, the UN has calculated that we need to redirect investments of 7 trillion USD ANNUALLY. We see ourselves as a tool for achieving this massive transformation of our society at the industrial level that is necessary for our survival. In a longer perspective we see Waves as a tool for integrating values into finance and as a tool for truly democratic capitalism. Through informing investors of the impact of their investments we believe finance can become a tool for good.



Goal 17
Staff / Technical expertise
Founders have taken a year to develop the product which is now launching in Sweden.
Basic information
Start: 31 December, 2019
Completion: 24 July, 2022
Waves (Private sector)
Waves, Stockholm School of Economics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
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Alexander Jakobsen, CEO, alexander@joinwaves.com, +46721795995
Stockholm, Sweden
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