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SDG Action Alliance
Description/achievement of initiative

The University of South Florida has identified the need to formalize a central hub for SDG-related work at the university. From initial planning conducted by USF’s Patel College of Sustainability, an action plan was developed to establish the SDG Action Alliance. The mission of the Alliance is to align the university’s operations, governance and community with the objectives of the UN SDGs. The role of the Alliance is to capture and distribute SDG-related work in order to build new partnerships, access new funding streams, and promote the university as a leader in global awareness and responsible research.

Implementation methodologies

Methodologies developed by the taskforce, coordinator, and subsequent Action Alliance steering committee will take the form of a mission, vision, and goals tableau, as well as other supporting procedures for implementing SDG work at USF and for reporting activities. Interdepartmental programming is planned to include resources and support from Student Affairs, USF World, Student Green Energy Fund, Student Government, and other strategic partners in order to reach the greatest audience for participation. The Action Alliance will help to promote SDG work such as global citizens education, environmental studies, and projects which involve sustainability and green energy in curricular and extracurricular capacities. Workshops and technical trainings will be hosted through the Action Alliance which focus on integrating the SDGs into curriculum, university policies and decisions, financing and procurement, campus services, facilities, and other institutional structures and vehicles.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

As a showcase of SDG-related work at USF, the SDG Action Alliance will promote the awareness of ongoing projects to a broad network of stakeholders at the university, within the region, and beyond via media and reporting platforms. In addition, one prominent goal of the Action Alliance is to generate streams of funding that are available to conduct SDG-related work; therefore, the steering committee will actively maintain a database of resources which include funding for research and programming. Trainings and technical certifications related to SDG work will also be promoted. The Action Alliance will prioritize support for SDG work among student research by encouraging SDG-related curricula that is experiential and interdisciplinary.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

In order to establish the SDG Action Alliance at USF, a task force and coordinator will first be established among stakeholders who hold an active interest in drafting the procedures and implementation plan for the initiative. Students from USF’s Patel College of Global Sustainability were tasked with researching existing UN SDG Partnerships, as well as identifying ongoing SDG work already being conducted at USF, in order to draft best practices and management strategies centered around a formalized hub, now known as the USF SDG Action Alliance. Plans for the Action Alliance shall be enacted in the form of a steering committee comprised of students, staff, and faculty from across the campus. Initially, the Action Alliance will be housed under the Patel College and in partnership with the Office of Sustainability. Centralized efforts will be made to streamline data collection and project ideation using the Action Alliance and resources from the USF community. Other coordination of SDG work will involve regular meetings with top administrators at the university and an annual retreat for stakeholders.


University of South Florida (Patel College of Global Sustainability, Office of Sustainability, Global Citizen's Project, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, USF World, Gus A. Stavros Center)
Progress reports
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4
Goal 6
Goal 7
Goal 8
Goal 11
Goal 12
Goal 13
Goal 14
Goal 15
Goal 17
August 2020
Offer SDG-focused graduate and undergraduate courses
January 2021
Establish funding sources for student and faculty SDG research and travel
May 2020
Formalize SDG Action Alliance and publish website
October 2020
Hosting 2020 Innovations in Sustainability Conference
In-kind contribution
Allocated funding for annual SDG conference, USD $15,000
Staff / Technical expertise
Experienced and committed faculty and staff
Staff / Technical expertise
Graduate student assistant dedicated to SDG monitoring and reporting
Other, please specify
Resources for yearly offering of SDG courses

Basic information
Time-frame: January 1, 2020 - January 1, 2022
University of South Florida (Patel College of Global Sustainability, Office of Sustainability, Global Citizen's Project, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, USF World, Gus A. Stavros Center)
Contact information
Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, kbhansen@usf.edu
United Nations