Integrating the climate change into the national policies of the Kyrgyz Republic and strengthening the stakeholder interaction
Description/achievement of initiative

Promoting of the climate policy in the country to take action on adaptation and mitigation by strengthening the capacity of civil society, raising awareness and establishment a constructive dialogue between government authorities, civil society and academic institutions.

Implementation methodologies

1. Strengthening the capacity of the Climate Network by formalizing the network, the expansion of its qualitative and quantitative structure, exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as providing with the strategic planning, regular meetings, trainings and advocacy campaigns to promote climate change issues;

2. Creation of an alternative expert platform on the basis of an existing platform of the INFOIK with involving of experts and the representatives of civil society working in the field of climate change.

3. To create the constructive dialogue and improving interaction between government, experts and civil society to promote the issues of climate change integration into national policies and the promoting of civil society representing the interest of Kyrgyzstan at the COP18;

4. Enhancing and improving the awareness of civil society and the population of the Kyrgyz Republic on climate change, its consequences, on practical measures for adaptation and mitigation through tools such as Climate Network, the national press and television.

5. Development of two analytical research related climate change issues in Kyrgyzstan.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Civic Foundation UNISON jointly with Kyrgyz Climate Network INFOIK, Act Central Asia
Progress reports
Informing and building political dialogue
Strengthening the capacity of the Climate Network and its expansion
Promotion and advocacy on climate change together interested partners
To use the media tools
Staff / Technical expertise
Training & capacity building policy makers, NGOs and business

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013
Civic Foundation UNISON jointly with Kyrgyz Climate Network INFOIK, Act Central Asia
Contact information
Nurzat Abdyrasulova, Director of Civic Foundation UNSION, office@unison.kg
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