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Sanah Sharma - Don't Wear Out The Future
Description/achievement of initiative

SANAH SHARMA is a sustainable research-based organisation focused on making fashion that is kind to the planet and its inhabitants. We work to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste. Our Planar Flux technique eliminates cutting waste. To support local artisans we collaborated with Khaloom Textiles India who specialise in handwoven recycled textiles. Upcycling of sarees has helped us preserve Indian heritage. Education, skill development and awareness creation is a key part of the organisation's endeavour carried out through workshops and lectures. All our products carry the name of its maker on the tag to share the spirit of co-creation.

Implementation methodologies

Under the leadership of founder Sanah Sharma, the organization practices and implements its core ideologies and principles through *Sustainable manufacturing and design process *Workshops and expert lectures to educate youth *Participating and supporting social campaigns, NGOs *Research, development, innovation and execution *Mentoring and teaching at schools and colleges (physical and digital) *Internship programmes

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Engaging local community, NGOs, academic institutions, artisans and craftsmen through collaboration and partnership to create a system of processes that are circular and sustainable in the social, environmental, cultural and economic regard. SANAH SHARMA aims to share and transfer the knowledge of these tested systems so the global rate of sustainability within the fashion industry can increase substantially.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Annual sustainability reports and regular review meetings with partners, collaborators and facilitators. Additionally, all information and updates on key decisions and policies are shared on social platforms as well as through newsletters to provide a transparent system for all stake-holders engaged.


SANAH SHARMA, Khaloom Textiles India Pvt.Ltd., Punjab Association (Regd.), Local Artisans and garment workers
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Made From Nothing - Upcycled Clothing
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Basic information
Time-frame: 2019 - 2026
SANAH SHARMA, Khaloom Textiles India Pvt.Ltd., Punjab Association (Regd.), Local Artisans and garment workers
Contact information
Sanah Sharma, Founder, founder@sanahsharma.com
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