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Description/achievement of initiative

Sustainable development is a collective goal for the future generation. The University of Tours wants to establish Sustainable Development as one of its core values. Since 2008, a think tank has been working on how to coordinate, promote and implement sustainable activities.

Implementation methodologies

A working team on sustainable development has emerged from the first step. It is composed of teachers, staff and researchers. The President of the Universiy of Tours, Mr Lo´c Vaillant, and the administration council have given guidelines to the University of Tours Sustainable development team focusing on three main objectives :

Recycling and waste : Actions are led to collect and recycle paper, plastics, glass and metal differently but also batteries and computers. Some experiments have begun to organize the compost of organic waste.

Sustainable transportation : the University of Tours has realized a Sustainable Transportation Plan which aims to reduce single occupancy vehicules and to facilitate the choice of more sustainable transportation options : public transport, cycling, shared travel.

Energy and resources : the University of Tours is involved in actions which can lower energy use, as well in reducing energy consumption but also in improving efficiency. Lighting and heating are the principal targets. Actions are also led to save water consumption, for example in the medical and biological research departments.


UniversitÚ de Tours
Deliverable Date
Sustainable Transportation Plan 2015
Actions are led to collect and recycle paper, plastics, glass and metal differently but also batteries and computers 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff dedicated to sustainable practices

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Lo´c Vaillant, President of UniversitÚ de Tours, loic.vaillant@univ-tours.fr

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Loic Vaillant -President of UniversitÚ de Tours
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