Launch 100 Million Euro Global Fund for Inclusive Green Businesses
Description/achievement of initiative

The 100 Million EURO inclusive venture fund will provide Inclusive and sustainable finance that includes but is not limited to microfinance. The fund will focus on but not be limited to women led and owned businesses. It will offer affordable and responsible financial products and services to entrepreneurs and businesses in at least 25 countries.

Implementation methodologies

The 100 'Million EURO fund will be raised through our network of committed sustainable and responsible investors (individual and institutional). It will be managed by a dedicated team who will implement the PARITY of multiple stakeholders including people, planet and profit. It will adhere to the UNPRI as well as apply sustainable measurement criteria such as GRI, IIRS, or ISIS

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


AQAL Investing, CXCatalysts, BPW
Progress reports
Fundraising completed by: 2015;
Fund will be fully invested by 2025
Financing (in USD)
130,000,000 USD
In-kind contribution

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2025
AQAL Investing, CXCatalysts, BPW
Contact information
Mariana Bozesan, President & Founder AQAL Investing, mariana.bozesan@gmail.com
United Nations