Strategic green jobs occupation program of Catalonia
Description/achievement of initiative

The Government of Catalonia undertakes to promote environmental and job creation policies that will encourage the establishment of new business niches related to the environment and the integration of sustainability as a key pillar within the traditional business sectors. This will be in line with EU employment policy as set out in COM(2012) 173. To this end, intense interdepartmental work is underway within the Government of Catalonia to achieve a significant increase in green jobs in Catalonia by 2015.

Implementation methodologies

- Promotion of the Green Economy Plan, which helps facilitate the adaptation of both the public administration and the business sector to the new context of the green economy.

- Promotion of a prospective review that would help define green employment and estimate the employment generated by the transition to a sustainable economy.

- Design of a portfolio of professional training (and the corresponding employment profiles) based on detecting the lack of environmental skills in sectors associated with the green economy with the aim of net job creation and with special emphasis on retraining for those working in sectors with poor prospects.

- Continuing to promote the Green Schools Program and the Schools for Sustainability Network of Catalonia.

- Providing support for the Ecoemprenedors.cat initiative, an organisation that promotes interesting business ideas based on innovative solutions for improving energy efficiency, sustainability or mobility.

- Focusing part of the INICIA social entrepreneurship program of the Catalan Employment Service (SOC), which aims to provide support for innovative business models linked to the field of sustainability.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Government of Catalonia
Progress reports
Map of challenges and opportunities for the economic sectors that are relevant to Catalonia in order to identify those sectors that, due to their characteristics and the type of products/processes/services that they generate, could make a more substantial
Improved web content to publicise best practices and the advantages of the
A project to identify the professional skills within the sectors to be fostered.
Staff / Technical expertise
Annual report of evaluation of indicators on green jobs
Other, please specify
European Social Fund, training modules of environmental awareness and specific training courses in environment and sustainability for the defined occupational profiles

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013
Government of Catalonia
Contact information
Mireia CaƱellas, Responsible of Sustainable Development, Ministry of Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia, mireia.canelles@gencat.cat
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