Empower 50 women entrepreneurs in green economy businesses in Spain
Description/achievement of initiative

Creating, upgrading and or supporting 50 women-owned green economy businesses in Spain

Implementation methodologies

Work with partners who 1) have women networks; 2) provide entrepreneurial, mentoring, business or sustainability training; 3) have ecofriendly products/services; 4) provide financing to launch, upgrade and support women owned green businesses


CXCatalysts, BPW, PwC Spain
Deliverable Date
15 women owned green businesses/year 2013
15 women owned green businesses/year 2014
20 women owned green business/year 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise 1-3 people

Tess Mateo, Managing Director, CXCatalysts, tmateo@cxcatalysts.com

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