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Description/achievement of initiative

We are committed to supporting the transition to green growth growth that is attained with a smaller environmental footprint, is inclusive, and achieves gains in opportunities and access to resources by all segments of the population to reduce income inequity.

Implementation methodologies

SDGs: We stand ready to support our clients to develop SDGs and tailoring them to regional and national circumstances.
Climate Change: we have been testing and developing financial innovations to scale-up investments. We collectively commit to supporting the CCAC to Reduce Short-lived Climate Pollutants.
We support the SE4All initiative and will participate to meet its objectives
Sustainable Cities: we committed collectively over USD 9.5 billion(2011).
Sustainable Transport: We renew our commitment to be a leading provider of financefor this sector.
Natural Capital and Large Scale Ecosystems: We will seek opportunities to expand our investments in protection, management, and accounting of natural capital, ensuring that projects maintain highest standards of environmental safeguards.
Saving the Oceans: We are well placed to support the implementation of priority actions, mobilize finance, and generate know-how to close the gap in implementing commitments for healthy and productive oceans.
Food Security: We commit to maintaining and expanding support to countries' efforts to improve the sustainability of agricultural production, manage the supply chain to reduce future risks.
Water for All: We are committed to collaborating with a wide range of partners to support this adaptive management process with investments in river basins and cities

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and World Bank Group
Joint methodoligical framework for GHG accounting
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Resources devoted to implementation
Financing (in USD)
9,500,000,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Developing common tools and metrics for GHG reporting and monitoring
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 2 May
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Action Network
Location: Globally
Date of completion: 2012-12-21
Operating in countries
Partner connections
Contact information/focal point(s)
Fionna Douglas,

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