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Cultivation of the program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering.A Promise to Take Action Now and in the FutureThe sustainability of fresh water is key to the future of humans and their earth, and must be considered from trans-disciplinary perspectives. These include: (a) as an essential resource for human life, including water quality and safety; (b) as an essential resource for human activity, including resource management, supply, consumption and recycling; (c) as a key component of the natural environment, including flood-control measures and greening of the deserts; and, (d) as the object of inter-regional and international management policies for rivers, lakes, coastal areas and oceans.At Chuo University we are actively promoting a program for “Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering” in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering in order to perform systematic education and training on the issues and perspectives stated above.

Implementation methodologies

Chuo's Water Program comprises a unique educational curriculum, that offers students an opportunity to master industrial and governmental concerns, as well as the skills needed to become highly specialized technicians in water environment and water treatment, professionals with a global perspective who respect the history, culture and climate of target nations and regions. Through this program, Chuo University will strive to foster international experts capable of proposing and executing comprehensive and fundamental improvement plans regarding water environments in East Asia and around the world. In principle, every year 75% of graduates will be selected as candidates for executive positions in the global water environmental engineering field. Each year the Chuo University Science and Engineering Faculty will hold an international symposium in Asia and in Japan to report program progress and to hold discussions on water environment research and water environment sustainability. In five years we will launch a new department focusing on water environment and its sustainability in the Chuo University Postgraduate School of Science and Engineering. From that time forward the new department will produce 30 high-level experts in the following areas each year:

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering.
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Expertise of students and staff dedicated to sustainability

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Time-frame: 2012 - 2015
Chuo University
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Shozaburo Sakai, President, g-hisyoka@tamajs.chuo-u.ac.jp
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