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Universidad de Granada
Description/achievement of initiative

The University, as a higher education institution, is committed to sustainable development. This is proven by the voluntary compliance of several agreements and undertakings, such as the Talloires Declaration, the International Organization of Universities for Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation (OIUDSMA), and other development cooperation, sustainability, and environmental protection agreements, such as the Network of Sustainable Laboratories (LABS).We also belong to the Commission for Sectorial Environmental Quality, Sustainable Development, and Prevention of the Conference of University Rectors of the Spanish Universities since its foundation and are coordinators of the university mobility and work related risks prevention work groups.This undertaking is realized by means of administrative units and institutional compromises as regards international cooperation and social and environmental issues.Since 1998, the University of Granada has developed scheduled systematic Environmental Management actions, backed by the certification of a voluntary Environmental Management System, which includes all centres and services of the University of Granada (ES 08/5000). In order to achieve a higher participation of the involved agents, the University has created an Environmental Management Committee, where all centres and services of the University of Granada take part.

Implementation methodologies

In order to keep on joining efforts and to contribute to the improvement of global sustainability, the University of Granada undertakes to develop actions depending on our resources and capabilities, among which the following are worth highlighting:Editing an environmental management report once a yearImproving the relationships with other organizations and promoting the participation of the University of Granada in collaboration with the local agentsImproving the communications with the social and economic agents, taking as a reference the nine action groups established as a priority in the United Nations Conference on Improving the transparency and the access to the information on sustainability of our institution, ensuring that all interested parties can have access to the information on our institution.Promoting the participation of the agents involved in the university sustainability enabling discussion forums or means for collecting suggestions, requests, or worries from the interested parties to ensure that our actions meet the demands of the society in which we live.Collaboration with other supramunicipal, national, or international institutions, either onsite or online, in order to exchange knowledge and improvement opportunities and to be ahead of the future changes and to adapt to them, contributing as well to the solution of the environmental problems from an active position.Time span: 2012-2015Indicators: number of sustainability meetings in which the institution takes place.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Universidad de Granada
Progress reports
Goal 4
Editing an environmental management report once a year
Promoting the participation of the agents involved in the university sustainability
Staff / Technical expertise
Expertise of students and staff dedicated to sustainability

Basic information
Time-frame: 2012 - 2015
Universidad de Granada
Contact information
Francisco Gonzalez Lodeiro, Rector, rector@ugr.es
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