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Annual publication of Poor Peoples Energy Outlook report, awareness campaigns in Europe, access technical info for practitioners, expand energy access work, new partnerships with private sector.

Implementation methodologies

Please see deliverables.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Various project funding partners, including the EC, a range of national CSO project implementing partners in the developing world and campaign partners in Europe, and private sector partners such as Bosch Siemens Household Appliances and IBM.

Open to additional partners.
Working with ESMAP (World Bank), UNIDO, GiZ and others to establish global minimum standards that define energy access.
Working with civil society and with the United Nations Foundation to raise European public awareness of and European political support for the goal of universal energy access.
Expanding our own energy access project work on the ground across 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America and supporting new forms of cross sectoral partnership for energy access, including joint work on indoor air pollution with Bosch and Siemens Household Appliances, and work with IBM to establish the new CSO Energy Aid.
Making information on technology and best practice freely available to anyone working on energy access via our technical enquiry service Practical Answers and our Latin America regional training centre for renewal energy CEDECAP (at least 200,000 downloads of information by practioners every year).
Publishing on an annual basis the Poor People's Energy Outlook report to to act as a catalyst for a movement for change on energy access and a source of information to support it.
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Goal 7
Resources devoted to implementation
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Location: Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Peru, Bangladesh, India, Nepal Aland Islands (Finland), Albania, Andorra, Austria, Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark
Date of completion: 2017
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Mr.Simon Trace,

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