Promote jobs in the energy sector with a positive environmental impact to students and professionals
Description/achievement of initiative

Ofertia with its Sustainable Jobs initiative commits to promote job opportunities that focus on sustainability and the environment. The job portal is directed mainly to students and professionals.

Implementation methodologies

In order to achieve the goal targeted by the commitment, Our young team of professionals will contact all the universities of Spain, England and South America to promote our service. Our goal is being able to offer environmental friendly jobs to all the students of these countries.

Sustainable Business Jobs is an initiative of Ofertia. We have created this job platform, as we believe there is a need for people who are looking for a job with a positive impact on our environment to have a platform that provides relevant job opportunities. On many traditional job portals it is difficult to find job opportunities that focus on sustainability and the environment. Sustainable Business Jobs is a place where companies and professionals with the same interests meet. For companies it is a platform to post their sustainable job offers and for professionals it is a great resource to find a job with a positive impact on the environment. Our job offers are directed to all professionals and students that search for an activity related to Renewable Energy, Science & Technology, Environmental Internships, Green Management Jobs and other activities with a positive environmental impact.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Empleos Sostenibles
Progress reports
Goal 7
More than 150 universities offering Sustainable Jobs to their students

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013
Empleos Sostenibles
Contact information
Mr Thomas Roggendorf , CEO, thomas.roggendorf@iese.net
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