Think Planet energy consumption reduction
Description/achievement of initiative

Think Planet is Rezidor's ambitious energy saving programme which targets a 25% reduction of the energy consumption in our 327 hotels. It focuses on innovative energy saving investments and operations

Implementation methodologies

Think Planet will be realized by:

- focusing on energy saving investments with an ROI of maximum 7 years

- employee and guest engagement in energy saving actions

- purchasing synergies

All hotels have received a technical Think Planet Energy Action Plan, based on which they will define their 5 priority actions.
The staff is engaged by back-of-house communications and a Think Planet webquiz on energy. The hotels are also competing against each other to maximise savings. The hotels with the biggest energy savings will receive a foldable bicycle for all the staff.

Think Planet has its own brand and logo. Lumi, the firefly is Think Planet's mascot.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


The Rezidor Hotel Group
Open to additional partners.
Progress reports
Goal 7
25% reduction of energy consumption by end 2016 for all 327 hotels of The Rezidor Hotel Group.

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2016
The Rezidor Hotel Group
Open to additional partners.
Contact information
Mrs Inge Huijbrechts , Director Responsible Business, inge.huijbrechts@carlsonrezidor.com
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