A commitment to Social Development
Description/achievement of initiative

It is important to recognize that in order to have a future of hope, aspiration and prosperity we must first recognise that much more needs to be done in terms of the empowerment of people.

Implementation methodologies

By Support the empowerment and economic development of Indigenous Peoples and improve wome's empowerment and gender equality. For further information, Please kindly refer to the following deliverables.


The United Nations Global Compact,
The National Indigenous Chamber of Commerce,
Suicide Prevention Australia.
Deliverable Date
1.Social Development: Support and improve wome's empowerment and gender equality: We will do this by becoming a signatory to the UN WEs, of promoting the Principles to clients, partners and suppliers and of working with the United Nations Global Compact Network Australia to encourage and promote Women's empowerment both in Australia and abroad. 2013
Social Development: Support the empowerment and economic development of Indigenous Peoples: Sustain Group's CEO is a member of the Board of Australia's National Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. Through him, we aspire to assist in lifting Australia's indigenous communities to a point of wealth, economic empowerment, sustainability and leadership. 2013

Action Network
  • Global Compact
, Executive Chairman and CEO, matthew.tukaki@sustaingroup.net

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