Green Business and CSR on SMEs of the Commercial sector
Description/achievement of initiative

This ambitious programme aims at the implementation of an Environmental & CSR Standard specifically designed for the SMEs. It focuses on green - social investments and operations.

Implementation methodologies

This commitment will be realized by:
1. Implementation and accreditation of the Standard through consultancy.
2.Owners & employees of the SMEs engagement in green – social investments & operations.
3. Detailed calculation (electronic tool) and record keeping form experienced professionals of the operational CO2 emissions / enterprize.

This commitment is also connected to the project “Support of Green Entrepreneurship Acts & Corporate Social Responsibility for the commercial business sector”, that is part of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” (NSRF 2007-2013), which is co-funded from the European Social Fund and the Greek Government and has been undertaken by the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce . According to this programme's framework 700 (at least) enterprises will adopt a specifically designed Environmental Management and CSR Standard, will improve their environmental performance and will be assessed based on quantifiable results. The network of enterprises that will be created, will serve as a multipliable factor, so that these acts expand over the entire Greek commercial society, which consists of more than 300.000 enterprises.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Progress reports
Goal 7
7% Reduction of the Operational Carbon Footprint across 700 SMEs of the retail sector (Base year 2012)
Expansion of the Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Standard to 700 SMEs.

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2014
Contact information
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