Reject Toxics
Description/achievement of initiative

Achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals' for all products across all pathways in our supply chain by 2020.

Implementation methodologies

This target will be achieved by doing the following approaches,:

-Establish industry-wide management coalition

-Expand chemicals management and awareness training

-Expand use of positive chemistries

-Expand material traceability

-Explore disclosure advancements

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Deliverable Date
Achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals for all products across all pathways in our supply chain by 2020. Hazardous chemicals are those that show intrinsically hazardous properties (persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic: very persistent and very bio-accumulative; carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction; endocrine disruptors; or equivalent concern), not just those that have been regulated or restricted in other regions. 2020

Action Network
  • Global Compact
, Performance manager,

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