Construction of a Biomass-to-Energy powerplant
Description/achievement of initiative

The Project consists in producing electricity from jatropha oil cakes and other agricultural related products. The cogeneration plant, located in Boni, will include five units of 1 MW each.

Implementation methodologies

Funding is already completed with the help of the African Carbon fund and construction is to begin immediately. The project was devised as an addition onto our main industry which is the production of biodiesel from Jatropha. This project utilizes the seed cake produced from the pressing of jatropha for the oil as well as other agricultural waste products into an additional source of energy for the people of Burkina Faso. It will also be a source of CERs and produce approximately 250,000+ carbon credits by 2020.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Funding provided by African Carbon Fund
Progress reports
Goal 7
Complete construction of the Cogeneration plant in order to power our own operations in a carbon neutral way, as well as supply clean, additional energy to the power grid of Burkina Faso.
Train 1000+ people in energy awareness and in a switch from wood burning.

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013
Funding provided by African Carbon Fund
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