Sustainability embedded in all dimensions of the Organization
Description/achievement of initiative

Santander reinforces commitment to generate results for business and for all, with management practices and financial solutions that promote Social Development and perpetuate the Environment.

Implementation methodologies

Specific programs, allocated teams and action plans will be devoted as supportive resources


Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
Deliverable Date
Management of environmental impact:Increase the monthly purchase of renewable energy from 2,450,000 kWh to 3.86 million kWh, migrating two buildings and 24 agencies - start date: July 2013 . 2014
Management of environmental impact:7.5% reduction of GHG emissions by 2013. Reference - 2010 emissions: 102,268.55 tons.7.5% reduction of energy consumption by 2013. Reference - 2010 consumption: 281,262,605 kWh. 2013
Goal: Grant of 878 scholarships abroad.Support research work through the international exchange of Brazilian professors and masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students. Goal: Grant of 109 Scholarships abroad.International exchange of Brazilian students and professors in order to discuss, issues of global concern with scholars in China, aiming to contribute to improving the quality of life in urban environments of the future. Goal: Grant of 100 Scholarships to China. 2012
Amigo de Valor. Increase the number of employees and company - customers participating in the program in order to increase the number of social initiatives supported and the number of children and adolescents directly benefited, - Amigo de Valor is based on a legal instrument which allows for the destination of part of tax owed to projects that promote the protection of the rights of children and adolescents in cities where living conditions and protection of the juvenile population are more critical. Goal: 10% more employees and 30% more company - clients. Reference: 29,678 employees and 827 Company - clients in 2011, 2012
Education/engagement, Contribute to the engagement of clients and society in sustainability practices through the Sustainable Practices WEB site. Content includes: best practice cases (own and from other companies), e-learning courses and tools dealing with topics such as: Management for sustainability, Sustainable Business practices, Efficiency in the use of resources, Sustainable Construction, Employee education an engagement, financial guidance. Goal: Achieve 1.65 million accesses to the contents of the WEB site. Promote practices which reduce environmental impact, increase economic efficiency and promote the quality of life, in clients acting in Civil Construction. Goal: Increase by 50% the number of building companies / contractors participating in the Sustainable Construction program. Reference 35 building companies / contractors in 2011. 2012

Action Network
  • Global Compact
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