Multi-stakeholder public-private partnership programme
Description/achievement of initiative

ACCIONA (Spain) commits to replicate a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership programme to provide access to renewable energy to communities in emerging economies, currently out of reach of the grid.

Implementation methodologies

ACCIONA created the ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation (FUNDAME) to focus its efforts on social development activities, by facilitating sustainable access to basic services such as energy and water, in isolated rural areas in developing countries.

Thus FUNDAME started ACCIONA Microenergia Peru (AMP) and ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico (AMM) as non-profit associations with the aim to be sustainable energy service social micro-enterprises. Both companies provide access to basic electric services of lighting by means of solar systems.

AMP through the programme "Luz en Casa PerĂº" installs Solar Home Systems (SHS) that comprise one solar panel, one sealed lead-acid battery, one regulator and three energy-efficient lamps. AMP provides such electric service by using a fee-for-service model: AMP charges SHS users an affordable fee and, once the installation of the system is completed, uses the fee revenues to pay the operation & maintenance costs, as well as the equipment replacement .

AMM through the programme "Luz en Casa Oaxaca", in collaboration with other partners, installs Small Solar Home Systems (SSHS). Customer Service Centres (CAU) sited in strategic locations are in charge of the technical sustainability of these systems, and are sale points of very energy-efficient devices compatible with the SSHS.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Progress reports

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013/2016
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