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Climate Resilient Islands Partnership: An Inter-Regional Partnership on Climate Change Planning and Finance in Small Island Developing States
Description/achievement of initiative

The Partnership implements South/South exchanges and cross-regional learning that strengthen the regional institutional framework supporting climate change planning and finance at the national level within Small Island Developing States (SIDS).Specifically, the Partnership will achieve: 1. Shared services and materials: online tools, databases, meta-data, educational material, and publications.2. An inter-regional network of climate modellers to support planning for climate change.3. Knowledge sharing on the integration of adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and national planning for climate change.4. Regional Implementing Entity (RIE) Accreditation under the Adaptation Fund and support to SIDS in attaining National Implementing Entity (NIE) status.5. An Implementation Plan for the IOC.6. Joint approaches to development partners.

Implementation methodologies

While a number of organisations in the region work on climate change concerns from their own perspectives (health, agriculture, etc), CCCCC is the only regional body with climate change as its core concern, and addresses this matter in a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary way. The Centre’s experience in its evolution from a regional adaptation programme to fully-fledged institution, and in particular its work in developing an Implementation Plan (2011-2021) for the Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change, is of particular value to the partnership and an aspect it has been keen to share with the IOC.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Partners have enacted the spirit of their Memoranda of Understanding through a comprehensive analysis of the three regional organisations to define a practical programme of work. Targeted inter-regional exchanges have taken place, and institutional assessments have created an effective basis for shared services and Centre-to-Centre learning.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Each institution has its strengths and contributions to make in the context of the Partnership:Caribbean Community Climate Change CentreThe Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre coordinates the Caribbean region’s response to climate change. Opened in August 2005, the Centre is the key node for information on climate change issues and on the region’s response to managing and adapting to climate change in the Caribbean. It is a repository and clearing house for regional climate change information and data, and provides climate change-related policy advice and guidelines to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) states.


Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre Indian Ocean Commission Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme Commonwealth Secretariat
Progress reports
Goal 13
Integration between adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Western Indian Ocean
Creation of an interregional network of modellers using PRECIS and statistical downscaling between the Caribbean, the Pacific and Western Indian Ocean regions
IOC and CCCCC will both seek RIE accreditation under the Adaptation Fund Board
December 2014
Development by IOC of an Implementation Plan (IP) for delivering the Regional Strategy on adaptation
December 2014
Development of a fully-fledged Western Indian Ocean Regional Climate Change Portal
In-kind contribution
Each partner and the Commonwealth Secretariat have supported partnership activities though their institutional programmes.
Staff / Technical expertise
Resources provided from each organisation

Basic information
Time-frame: 2012 - 2020
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre Indian Ocean Commission Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme Commonwealth Secretariat
Contact information
Harsen Nyambe, Economic Policy Division, h.nyambe@commonwealth.int
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