Occupational Safety and Health South-South Partnership
Description/achievement of initiative

The ILO has been facilitating collaboration and providing technical/financial support between the government of Fiji and PNG with a view to building the capacity of PNG to (a) develop new and effective OSH legislation and (b) the capacity of their OSH and labour inspectorates. This is particularly important
The Government of PNG and the social partners have recognized the importance of safety and health at work due to the significant safety and health risks involved in employment in industries that are of key importance to the country’s development (such as natural resource extraction sector and the forestry and timber industries) unless these risks are properly managed. Moreover, low awareness and limited capacity and resources to actively address OSH in small-scale businesses and informal economy, including agriculture, constitute another set of challenges in the country. The main legal framework for OSH is the Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Act of 1961 and other industry specific regulations.

Implementation methodologies

• The new PNG Occupational Safety and Health Act is enacted by government and improve compliance with International Labour Standards (planned for parliament in June 2014)
• The PNG OSH/Labour inspection system is, with the support of the social partners, in place and able effectively implement and enforce new OSH legislation, the Industrial Relations Bill and revised Employment Act.
• Social partners have in place training, communication plans and accompanying resource materials to support their member/affiliates in relation to their rights and responsibilities under the new Acts
• A similar MOU has recently been signed with government of Fiji and the Kiribati. There is considerable scope for further developing these approaches with other countries and in other technical areas. For example: OSH is fisheries;

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


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